Life on the farm with the Man…and our critters…

When winter visits the farm…

For most people, the arrival of winter brings a sense of dread, of “hunkering down” for a few long months as bitter cold and snow rules the land.  Here on the farm, however, it is just the opposite.  For the Man and I, the shorter days and colors of fall whisper to us that soon we can rest.  We put away the tools of summer, gather the wood, and shutter the windows.  There is always a sense of unspoken urgency prodding us to have everything taken care of by the time the first snow falls, a task that isn’t easy. When the snow finally arrives, we quietly breath deep and sigh, welcoming the oncoming months.  The wood stoves warm the house, as well as the pups and cats soaking up their heat on the rugs around them.  With no outside work to be done, the Man turns his attention to baking, and the farmhouse is soon filled with wonderful smells and delicious food.  We spend time together, sometimes talking and laughing, other times just enjoying the quiet with silent contentment. We know that this winter vacation will end, and the fields and garden will soon beckon. Until they do, we’ll keep the cribbage board on a table by the fire…

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