Life on the farm with the Man…and our critters…


It’s Friday morning here at the Farm, and I am curled up on the couch with my coffee, enjoying the normal activity around the house.  The pups have been up and out, had their breakfast, and are now content to be curled up on their blankets on the couches. Ellie, my momma kitty, is laying beside me, purring in her slumber, while the other cats are roaming the house for one reason or another.  The resident fat bully cat, Chester, is making the rounds through each room, just in case there might be another animal he can intimidate.  Opie, my parrot, is in his post breakfast vocal time, calling out to his “flock”, which is usually Muffin, my youngest cat.  Opie is a constant source of entertainment for her, and can often be found on top of Opie’s house, teasing the poor bird with her tail.  I used to run as soon as I heard the scream from Opie that she was up to no good, but have since come to realize that it is part of their routine, and both enjoy interacting with each other.  The Farm long ago ceased being a quiet retreat, except for evenings, when all inhabitants slowly edge toward sleepy time.  There are times, of course, when the noise level pushes me dangerously towards a “Mommie Dearest” moment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  What some may perceive as noise, I hear joy and life.  Most of our babies are rescue animals, and the noise they make, and being underfoot, is proof that they have found a home where they are loved, fed, and warm.  This spring will bring additions to our Farm family, when my two horses will finally arrive.  There is no doubt that there will most likely be other additions as time goes on, but that is the spirit of this place we simply call “The Farm”.  Our home is a place of rescue, for both the two and four footed variety.  It’s comfort and safety, and a place of belonging.  As I consider another cup of coffee, with snoring dogs, purring cats, and a very happy and vocal parrot filling my senses, I am happy…and content…

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  1. What beautiful sentiment’s you do express in your writing’s. I am going to take heart to them and try to enjoy the thing’s that annoy me and listen to what they may be trying to tell me. Thank’s once again Rick, for your inspiration.

    February 18, 2011 at 3:25 pm

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