Life on the farm with the Man…and our critters…

Dreams and fences…

Back in December, when I decided to start a blog, I wasn’t sure what it would evolve into, and to be honest, I am still not.  The world of blogging can mean many things to different people, but for me it’s a place to share, and encourage others with positive, uplifting thoughts.  My plan in the beginning was to keep things short and sweet, so as to not bore readers with long blogs that start to ramble after awhile.  I enjoy writing about the Man, the Farm, and our ever growing clutch of animals, but that surely has to lose it’s luster after awhile.  One of my original intentions was to offer a glimpse into our lives, and how our relationship is no different than anyone else’s.  The challenge of showing how important we are to each other, and the love we share, is that people can grow weary of hearing just the good stuff.  What I am learning about blogging is that to hold an audience, readers want it all.  The good, the bad, the ugly…but there is no ugly to be told.  To be honest, I am on the fence with this blog.  I am a fiercely private person, and very protective of the life the Man and I have built together.  On Facebook, I do share a lot, but it is always with a large dose of humor.  If I can make someone laugh and brighten their day for just a few minutes, I would share most anything about myself, but our home life is often another matter.  Finding the line between enlightening others and our privacy can be tricky, and I toe that line on a daily basis.  And, of course, the ego plays it’s part.  When a post gets a good response, I feel like I have accomplished something, but when one doesn’t, there is a letdown.  Most “experts” in the blogging world say that in order to grow an audience, there should be at least a blog a day to keep the interest.  What I have found is that those types of blogs are often just filler, and I don’t want to be that type of writer.  I want what I write to mean something to someone, to have a message for all, and leave the reader with a smile.  It sounds simple, but it isn’t, I now realize.

Having a place to share my photography with others is one of the aspects of this blog that I enjoy the most.  For years, the Man has been prodding me towards showing my photos, and for now this works.  He has always encouraged me, never missing a chance to push me to do more.  For me, the definition of a good photo is one that gives the viewer a feeling of what that moment in time was like for me.  My photos are my memories, and I find joy in sharing them with others.  Sometimes a photo gives birth to writing a blog, and sometimes they are best standing alone.  Either way, they are not presented lightly.  They mean something to me, and I hope that they will to others, as well.

So I stand here wondering which side of the fence looks the best.  Am I content with writing this blog for friends and family, or perhaps guide it into something more?  My dream has always been to be a writer/photographer, one could argue that I am doing just that.  I suppose the bigger question is whether or not enough people will like what I offer and return, and will share my blog with others.  My Daddy always said to dream big or go home.  This blog is my dream…

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  1. Dear Rick. I get a feeling that you are not getting what you would like out of your blog’s. If so i don’t see why. I alway’s look forward to your blog’s. I feel the closeness that you and Jack have. The ternderness and love that you share. I keep getting the feeling that you should write a book with all your thought’s and your life together and surely with all the traveling you two have done you must have lot’s of beautiful photography to add to it. You already have a start with all the material in your blog’s. It does not have to be a long book. You could start from the time you and Jack met. I am not talking about personal and private thing’s but the love and adventures that you have taken together and how each one has brought you two so close and how it has cemented the love that you share with one another. It is something that you will alway’s have to look back on in the year’s to come. And of course you could still write an occasionel blog. I don’t know if i am making any sense of this as i am not a writer but hopefully you will understand that i know you are and maby think about giving it a shot. I just think that you need an outlet for all the thing’s that come into your mind and be able to express them in a positive way. And i would bet that the book would sell.
    I agree with Jack that you are a true writer and photographer. And your daddy is right.

    February 26, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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