Life on the farm with the Man…and our critters…

The Cold Goodbye…

IMG_3903“Please don’t go.” I said.  She looked at me and smiled, saying “But I have to, you know I do.”  My eyes filled with water, and I asked “Will you return?”  She gently cupped my face in her hands, wiped away a tear and whispered “I always do, after a season.  When the days are dark, your shoulders weary, and your soul cannot see the light, that is when I will return.  I will once again fall upon your face, and warm your heart.  This I promise.”  She gently kissed my head, and turned to leave.  I watched her go, and the further she went, the colder I felt.  I know she will return again, but until she does, my heart will ache as much as my bones.  So I will wait, and watch the skies…and yearn for her embrace once more…

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